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Ear Mites


The most common mange mites affecting dogs cats and dogs.  An estimated 50% of external ear infections in dogs and 85% of ear infections in cats are caused be otodectes mites.  Transmitted via direct contact otodecties are very common in young animals.  This parasite can survive several months without a host.

Sarcoptic Mange

Sarcoptic Mange is a highly irritating and debilitating skin disease of dogs. Sarcoptic mites cause intense pruritis, alopecia, self-trauma, wrinkling and thickening of the skin.  The lesions caused by sarcopties can spread all over the animal producing intense itching.

Demodectic Mange

Generalised Demodectic mange is a potentially debilitating skin condition of dogs caused by Demodex canis, the demodectic mite.  Mites are often transmitted from a nursing bitch to her puppies and in adult dogs apear when the immune system is weak.  Certain dog breeds are more sensitive to demodectic mange.  Lesions initially appear on the muzzle and paws, which then spread all over the animal.