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Joint function

Is your cat lacking in energy? Have you noticed that your cat is sleeping more or getting grumpy when patted?

You may have noticed that you cat is reluctant to jump up onto furniture or is slow to get down from high objects now. If this is the case your cat may be showing signs of joint disease.

Catpep can help!

Bomazeal® Catpep is a natural source of vitality enhancing factors especially formulated for cats and kittens. Bomazeal® Catpep provides a balanced range of essential vitamins and minerals which can help correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your cat's daily diet to improve coat condition and well being.

It also contains Green Lipped Mussel Extract, a natural active ingredient proven to help with arthritis. Bomazeal® Catpep can aid in increasing your cat's mobility, and has a fishy taste cats will love!

Green Lipped Mussel extract
(Perna canaliculus) - GLME is produced only in New Zealand, where the mussels flourish in the clean unpolluted coastal waters. GLME is a natural source of glycosaminoglycans, which are important for maintaining joint function and mobility. Trials by Massey University Veterinary Scientists have shown that GLME is a valuable supplement which aids in the mobility of animals. It is a natural source of chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate and omega-3 fatty acids: these molecules have been proven to repair and maintain the joints. GLME has been shown to slow the degenerative process and has an anti-inflammatory action. GLME also protects the stomach lining, ensuring this product is gentle on your cat's tummy.

Taurine - cats cannot produce enough of this important amino acid and rely on their dietary intake to satisfy their daily needs. Taurine is easily destroyed by heating so can be absent from processed foods. Taurine is utilised for body functions including the central nervous system, reproductive system, the heart and the eyes.

Thiamine - Bomazeal® Catpep contains a full range of B vitamins with a high level of thiamine to compensate for any dietary loss. Although rare, thiamine deficiency can produce a nervous disease in cats that can lead to seizures.

Potassium gluconate - this is an essential electrolyte which can become depleted in kidney disease. If there is sufficient loss of potassium, an insidious condition characterised by muscular weakness and nervous signs can develop.

Yeast - enhances appetite and provides a natural source of B Vitamins, which helps to keep energy levels high and maintain a healthy coat.

Bomazeal® Catpep is a daily supplement, available in tasty palatable tablets. Your cat will love the natural shellfish flavour. The tablet can be given whole or crumbled over your cats food.