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Zapp® Pour-on

A7299 Unrestricted

Active Constituents:
Triflumuron 25g/L in a clear, blue solution for topical application onto sheep. Available in 20L drums.

Control of body lice (Bovicola ovis) on all breeds of sheep and control of flystrike cause by susceptible flies (including Lucilia cuprina) in coarse wool breeds of sheep.

Zapp can be used at the same time as routine animal health practices such as drenching or vaccination. It is not recommended following blade shearing in merinos. Wet sheep may be treated, and rain 2 hours following treatment will not affect efficacy.

For lice control, apply as a backline treatment. For flystrike prevention, apply as a backline and crutch treatment.

For flystrike prevention and lice control (coarse wool sheep up to 6 months of wool, fine wool sheep off shears):

 Bodyweight Dose (Fly)
 up to 10kg  2 x 5mL
 2 x 6mL
 2 x 7.5mL
 2 x 10mL
 2 x 12.5mL
 over 75kg
 2 x 2.5mL/10kg

 BodyweightDose (Lice)
Fine wool: off-shears
Coarse wool: up to 6 months
 up to 10kg
 over 75kg

For lice control in coarse wool breeds as an off-shears application only:
 Dose (Lice)
 Coarse wool: off-shears
 up to 10kg




 over 75 kg


Withholding Times:
MEAT: 49 days. MILK: 35 days. WOOL: Ensure the time between dipping and shearing is at least 2 months.