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Prolaject® B12 1000 Plus Selenium

A6170 Unrestricted

Active Constituents:

Hydroxocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 1000µg/mL and selenium (as sodium selenate) 2mg/mL in a solution for injection. Available in 500mL flexipacks.

Treatment and control of cobalt and selenium deficiencies in sheep and cattle grazing both cobalt and selenium-deficient pastures. Also for treatment of selenium responsive diseases such as ill thrift, infertility and white muscle disease.


By s/c injection into the anterior half of the neck.

 Animal Dosage
 Lambs  1mL at tailing or weaning
 Sheep  1.5-2.5mL pre-lambing
 Calves  5mL from 2 months of age
 Cattle  10-12mL pre-calving

The age at which the first injection should be given and the need for repeated doses should be discussed with your veterinarian. In general, this will be related to the severity of the respective deficiencies and the age of the stock. As selenium is toxic, adhere strictly to the recommended dose rate. Cobalt deficiency in soil and/or pasture leads to sub-optimal levels of vitamin B12 in body tissues of stock which, subsequently, may have poor growth rates and ill thrift, particularly in young animals.

Before treatment, establish pasture cobalt levels and/or vitamin B12 status of stock. Treatment of pregnant ruminants should benefit newborn animals, particularly when treated in latter stages of pregnancy. Supplementation of young ruminants should begin at, or before, weaning. Treatment is likely to last for only 4-6 weeks if liver storage levels of vitamin B12 and pasture levels of cobalt are low.

Withholding Times:

MILK and MEAT: Nil.