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A7669 Unrestricted

Active Constituents:

Calcium chloride dihydrate 490mg/mL in a palatable, non-irritant hydroxyethylcellulose gel. Each bottle of 400mL contains 53.4g calcium. A 10% overage is provided to ensure the delivery of 53.4g calcium per dose. Available in 400mL squeezable plastic bottles in carry packs containing 6 x 400mL bottles and 4.8L and 20L bulk packs.

Aids in prevention and treatment of milk fever (hypocalcaemia) in cows. Also as a calcium supplement when deficiency of dietary calcium may occur.

For oral use in cattle only. Direct the neck of the bottle over the tongue towards the back of the throat. Slowly squeeze the bottle to assist swallowing. Avoid accidental administration into the windpipe and lungs.
PREVENTION OF MILK FEVER: Give 1 bottle (400mL) 24 hours before calving, 1 bottle (400mL) at calving, 1 bottle (400mL) 10-12 hours after calving and 1 bottle (400mL) 24 hours after calving.
TREATMENT OF MILK FEVER: In conjunction with i/v calcium treatment, administer 1 bottle (400mL) as soon as the cow is standing and can swallow normally. Repeat with the same dose 10-12 hours later.
CALCIUM DEFICIENCY: For calcium deficiency that is unrelated to calving time, give 1 bottle (400mL) morning and night for 2 days.

Withholding Times:
MILK and MEAT: Nil.