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A9642 Unrestricted

Active Constituents:

Calcium chloride dihydrate 283.1mg/mL (calcium 77.2mg/mL), magnesium chloride hexahydrate 130.8mg/mL (magnesium 15.6mg/mL) and propylene glycol 307.7mg/mL in a clear pourable gel. Each 650mL bottle delivers 50.2g calcium, 10.1g magnesium and 200g propylene glycol. Available in 650mL squeezable plastic bottles in carry packs holding 4 x 650mL bottles and 10L HDPE containers.

Aids in the treatment and prevention of milk fever and ketosis in cattle. Also for supplementation of dietary calcium when a deficiency may occur.


For oral use in cattle only. Administer as a drench or mix in the drinking water or feed. Direct the neck of the bottle over the tongue towards the back of the throat and, to assist swallowing, gradually squeeze the contents from the bottle. Avoid accidental administration into the windpipe and lungs.
MILK FEVER - PREVENTION: Administer 1 bottle (650mL) 24 hours before calving, 1 bottle at calving, 1 bottle 10–12 hours after calving and 1 bottle 24 hours after calving.
MILK FEVER - TREATMENT: In conjunction with an i/v calcium treatment, administer 1 bottle (650mL) as soon as the cow is able to stand and can swallow normally. Repeat the same dose (650mL) 10–12 hours later.
KETOSIS: Administer 1 bottle (650mL) twice daily.
CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT: Give 1 bottle (650mL) morning and night for 2 days.

Withholding Times:

MILK and MEAT: Nil.