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Calform™ Phosphorus

For the supplementation of phosphorus and calcium in dairy cows at times of increased demand.

Exempt Unrestricted

Dicalcium phosphate 57%, Monocalcium phosphate 10%, Dimagnesium phosphate 5.3%. Equivalent to: 52.5g Calcium, 48.5g Phosphorus and Magnesium 2.6g. Available in 350mL bottles.

Phosphorus and calcium nutritional supplement

For nutritional supplementation of calcium and phosphorus: administer 1 bottle orally (350mL) daily at times of increased demand or as directed by a veterinarian.
Note: not intended for treating clinical metabolic disease.

Withholding Times:
There is no requirement to withhold meat or milk when the product is used as recommended. Always read the label before use.