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If you have any questions or concerns related to our products, or to report a suspected adverse event, please contact our Customer Relations Administrator on 0800 466 121 and select the appropriate option. Or you can fill out the form below. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.


The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) defines an ‘adverse event’ as: any observation in animals (or humans) that is unfavourable and unintended, and that occurs after the use of an agricultural compound or veterinary medicine (ACVM) product. This can include side effects, target animal safety issues, residue issues, lack of efficacy or alleged interaction with other products, and events that are recognised outcomes of product use and that may or may not be identified on the product label.

Bayer participates in the adverse event reporting program and has a legal obligation to investigate, record and report details of adverse events to the ACVM group (MPI).

If you are concerned that your animal has experienced an adverse event, seek veterinary advice from your usual veterinarian. There is some essential information required to investigate an adverse event including:

1. Reporter name and contact details

2. Patient information

3. Trade name of the product suspected to be involved

4. A brief description of clinical signs experienced and any other treatments given

This information and further details should be reported to the Pharmacovigilance Manager by any of the following methods:

Phone 0800 466 121


Letter addressed to:

Bayer New Zealand Ltd.

Attention: Pharmacovigilance Manager -

Animal Health

3 Argus Place

Hillcrest Auckland 0627

Bayer will notify the ACVM group in accordance with legal requirements.

Bayer Animal Health NZ Head Office

106 Wiri Station Road, Manukau, Auckland 2104, New Zealand