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Zapp Encore

Zapp Encore Zapp Encore is the new combination pour-on for sheep that provides fast knockdown and long-term control of lice and flystrike.


Zapp Encore contains the new generation active imidacloprid which provides knockdown control of adult and immature stages of lice and flies, whilst still offering all the benefits of the proven IGR, triflumuron for persistent activity.

Zapp Encore is the first product containing imidacloprid registered for use as a parasiticide for New Zealand livestock.  A completely new mode of action for sheep lice control, sheep lice have never before been exposed to this active.

Zapp Encore has been researched and developed in New Zealand, extensively tested by local researchers ensuring this innovative product has been proven under New Zealand conditions.


  • Fast knockdown
  • A new generation combination pour-on
  • The first parasiticide product containing imidacloprid with a new mode of action for sheep lice and flystrike control
  • Long term control
  • Rainfast
  • Dual parasite control for both lice and flystrike
  • Fast spreading solvent base allows for rapid penetration into the fleece
  • Low mammalian toxicity ideal for both operator and animal

Withholding Periods

Meat: 56 days

Wool: 60 days (Meat & Wool New Zealand recommendation)

Milk: 35 days

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A10400

Dose Rates - see label.




Refer to the label for all product information

Active Constituents

25g/L (2.5%) triflumuron and 30g/L (3%) imidacloprid

Physical Characteristics

Clear blue solution

More Information

MSDS PDF Download MSDS.pdf

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